About Blueship Vietnam

Blueship Vietnam is a Software Research and Development Center, and IT Outsourcing company located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We provide a wide variety of information technology services including software development, enhancement, maintenance, re-engineering, migration, and quality assurance.
Our primary goal is to deliver on-time, high quality, and cost-effective solutions through proficiency, committed work, and transparent communication.

We are a united crew

We strive for creating an open, welcoming, and professional environment. At BSV, people are more than just colleagues. We are a team, we share knowledge, opinions, concerns, and enthusiasm.

Partnership inspire us

Working on various projects with different partners keeps us competitive and brings us fresh ideas.
At BSV we pursue real partnerships, where both on-site and offshore contributors work together as a united team and where productivity reaches the optimum.

Our culture and work ethic is built around respect, trust, and honesty.

Fairness, equality, and diversity are the pillars of our work-culture, as well as commitment, and devotion toward work. We love what we do, our focus and passion fuel us to become better every day.

United despite the physical distance

We best work using agile scrum framework, therefore communication and co-operation are essential in our everyday work. Building a well-functioning team where every participant – you and us – can work conveniently, and seamlessly together to achieve a common goal.

We are Hiring

See our open positions and apply today to become a member of our team!

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