Custom software engineering

Do you have a project in mind but lack the necessary resources to turn it into reality?

We are here for you, ready to collaborate with you as an offshore but closely integrated extension of your company.

Blueship Vietnam was founded as a Product Research and Development (R&D) Center of Blueship Co., Ltd. During our fruitful years of co-creation we grew to become experts in working remotely yet more effectively together.
We gained valuable knowledge in assisting clients through the entire product development life-cycle, from having a great idea to producing a market ready application.
Providing reliable work process, professional workforce, and a quality mindset, our primary goal is to maximize value while staying on budget and keeping the timeline.

Our highly trained and professional crew have a diverse skill-set empowering us to create tailored software products for various platforms taking advantage of the newest technologies and frameworks. We offer a wide range of services in custom made software engineering from desktop application through the web or cloud-based solutions to cross-platform mobile apps.

At BSV we believe in agile SCRUM software development methodology. We have been practicing it with success for several years. So if you are already experienced in the agile process, uniting our teams shall be smooth and effortless.
If you are interested but entirely new to this approach, you can rely on our assistance to accelerate the agile transformation of your organization.
We also understand that one path is hardly suitable for all of us. Therefore we follow any working method you prefer.

How we do it

Developing a custom made software requires tremendous work before the actual software engineering starts.
First, we need to assess the aim of the project as thorough as possible, then check its feasibility and estimate the rough order of magnitude (ROM). Therefore we collect the requirements and business goals of the product in mind.
Afterward, we turn these into a technical specification and build an extensive project plan around it. Including an estimation of time, expected costs, technical requirements, furthermore detailed plans for testing, deployment and quality assurance. Our proposal is based on a thorough analysis of the project and finalized with careful cost awareness.

Proof of Concept

PoC is essential for demonstrating the feasibility of an idea. In software development, we prepare Proof of Concept to verify that the idea is technically viable for a reasonable price.
When required we can provide a market potential analysis as well. We would gladly produce a reliable and accurate PoC together with your expert team.

Drawing the roadmap

For molding your idea into a market-ready product, first, we get a clear view of your vision. Then we perform a comprehensive technology assessment and finally, we create a development roadmap. This latter serves as a strategic plan assisting the development through its entire life-cycle. It describes the requirements and organizes the responsibilities needed to complete the final product.

After the initial steps, when the business goals are correctly turned into functional features, the PoC is formed, and a suitable roadmap is designed we can start the actual software engineering. Before entering the loop of the agile scrum development process, we create an architectural design and a UI prototype. These are essential to reduce costs, increase development speed, and make sure there are no misunderstandings regarding the functionality and workflow of the proposed product.

UI prototyping

A live and clickable prototype can help us demonstrate the workflow and behavior of the planned application and inspect the required functionalities.
A prototype can be used to illustrate the future product to possible customers or investors. It is also good practice to present it to potential end-users to gather relevant feedback at an early stage of development and to ensure ergonomic and smooth user experience.

Architectural design

The architectural design contains the utilized tools and third-party frameworks as well as the set of interfaces defined for these components. It also serves as technical documentation of the required functionalities organized in separate and individually maintainable modules. QA experts are involved in product design to ensure test-ability during the whole development.

Develop, test and document following the agile scrum method

When we have the necessary technical documentation and an approved UI prototype, we proceed with the conventional steps of forward-engineering.
We prefer to follow the agile scrum methodology, however, if you prefer another type of approach we adjust flexibly.
According to our experience assigning a small scrum team of highly skilled experts is the most time- and cost-effective solution.

During the software engineering we develop front-end and back-end parallel, integrated with testing from the very beginning. Our QA engineers perform unit and integration tests and utilize both manual testing and automated test tools. For more details check out our QA service.

The milestones established in the roadmap serve as checkpoints where we can include your valuable feedback and assure everything proceeds according to plan. A milestone usually indicates a functional delivery implementing each feature defined in the specification up to the particular milestone.

We are well aware that turbulent market trends can affect product requirements during the development period. Our agile scrum method ensures the necessary flexibility to adapt quickly to these changes within reason.

After we accomplished the last milestone and finished implementing functionalities, the code and documentation are presented to you for joint testing in the QA environment. Following the final system and acceptance testing, if the software meets the acceptance criteria, it is released into production.

After the development process

The life-cycle of software product doesn’t end when development is completed. In most cases, an application development takes only a couple of years or less while the end product lives for decades in a dynamic end evolving environment. Software maintenance and enhancement are essential for preserving and extending the value of the product.
At Blueship Vietnam we take care of both software maintenance and software re-engineering.