Dedicated Scrum Team (OSDC)

Scrum is the most popular technique to manage software development in Agile methodology. In our Dedicated Scrum Team model, we provide best practices to maximize the benefits of Scrum and Agile. The team will carefully be sized to meet the project requirements.

  • Your Scrum team. A dedicated scrum team is going to be selected individually to fit your project specifications. Focusing on your goals and understanding what technical skills and expertise are essential for successfully deliver the product we will assemble the most efficient scrum team together with you.
  • Rapid Team Formation. You are more than welcome to be part of selecting the ideal team members for your project. Beside of our talented employees, we have a great collection of resumes and other external resources to find the best staff for the job at hand.
  • Dedicated Scrum Master. Scrum framework helps to focus on quick delivery and to adjust to changing requirements and dynamic market trends. However, practicing scrum will have an impact on your business process, and require some organizational transformation to be truly successful. Agile scrum needs your company to collaborate closely with our team during sprint time-frames. To promote collaboration and avoid emerging obstacles we appoint a dedicated scrum master who will share best practices and aid fluid transformation.
  • Long-term relationship with knowledge maintenance. Our long-term partnership is ideal for you if you need an offshore development center with a dedicated team to carry out an elaborated IT solution. We are committed to your success during the whole software product life cycle, from requirement gathering, design, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance, and enhancement. As a part of your team, we create, develop and share knowledge.

Your concern, our solution

Merging Agile Methodologies and Offshore Outsourcing seem incompatible?

The agile approach encourages face to face communication, requires close interaction with the stakeholders and flexible agreements, while offshore outsourcing development typically involves geographic distance, demands formal agreements and relies on detailed documentation.

Effective Communication

We ensure that at least one of our team members speaks your native language fluently.
Nearly everyone at Blueship Vietnam speaks English very well.
Meetings are essential; therefore we make sure we are well prepared, having the necessary documents and presentations. We use various tools and applications to support communication, share and discuss ideas ad to promote collaboration.


We build an honest and open relationship with our partners focusing on transparency.
We share our concerns, point out the potential vulnerabilities, and also provide our opinion on risk mitigation.
We use online assignment tracking and project management applications to ensure productive and organized project administration, to enable careful prioritization, and to improve teamwork.

Self-sufficient teams

Each of our team is independent, autonomous and perfectly capable of delivering top quality work.
Developing team roles and responsibilities in self-managing teams.
Improving the relationship between team and product owner to ensure product ownership.

I have never used scrum framework before, how to transform my organization to become suitable for agile?

Why would a company become agile? The intention is clear; with today’s dynamic and turbulent market, being able to adapt fast is inevitable. Agile workflow is the best approach to keep up efficiently with the rapid changes, to adjust the strategy, process, technology, and team quickly to create and protect value.

However, a complete agile transformation cannot be achieved in a short time, it needs to be prepared and carried out carefully with the involvement of every level of the company. It is almost impossible to grow agile if the initiative comes from above as a mandatory reshape. Agile transformation is a significant and deep reform, it has to be developed inside the company by continuously working together towards it.
When a consulting company offers you to “turn your company agile”, it may seem like a tempting offer. You should keep in mind that when transforming the whole management and operation of your company, there is no one size fits all solution, and it certainly can’t be successful unless everyone believes in it and works for it passionately.

Outside help can be useful, but only if the organization is ready to start the agile journey.
At Blueship, we are happy to accompany you on some part of your agile transformation. Instead of advising you and directing the steps from outside, we will work united with your team, so they become experienced in the agile scrum process.
During our collaboration, we adapt to your needs and refine the details to suit your local circumstances and traditions. Your agile journey won’t end with our co-operation, you need to follow and discover it for many years to make it a natural and ordinary way of work and an integrated part of your culture.