Project Based Collaboration (Remote Staffing)

A fixed price agreement is a traditional contract model, and usually the suitable approach if you require clear deadlines and figures to be allocated to the budget.

In a project based collaboration a fixed price is going to be determined in advance. We can either agree on a fixed price based on the estimation of the project’s scope or calculate costs considering the size of the team and estimated work hours.

When should we use this model?

It is the right choice when

  • Requirements, specifications, and charges are highly predictable
  • The project has a limited or fixed budget
  • The project is small with a clear and well-defined scope


  • Predictability and Transparency. Deadlines and cost are pre-defined with specified requirements, there won’t be any surprises to any of the participants.Easy management.
  • Our development team will be in charge of the project life cycle, they will be responsible for technical realization and also for the quality of the product, you don’t need to spend effort on management.


Lack of flexibility. As this model is based on the accuracy of the scope and costs, any hidden risks or additional modifications will impact our agreement.

  • Unpredictable challenges : At the beginning, it is quite difficult to see everything that can affect the project.
  • Requirements volatility: In this model, we consider the scope fixed, but in several cases, requirements improve during development. Emerging demands will influence the scope and costs we settled at the beginning of the project.

How do we do it?

“Customer Collaboration Over Contract Negotiation” is one of the four statements of the Agile Manifesto. Blueship Vietnam also believes that it is more important to understand your needs than stick to what we negotiated in the contract. Collaboration is our key to establish, develop and deploy a successful product.
We are proud of responding quickly to customer needs and follow user reception as well as market needs in general. We take pride in developing relevant, and helpful software that people love to use.

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