Software Enhancement and Maintenance

Maintenance integrates the various tasks required to operate and maintain software in the production environment. A quality software needs continuous maintenance since even the best programs lose from their value running long after development. Applications last many years and decades in continuously changing and evolving environments.

Naturally, they need to keep up with the ecosystem they are placed in. They need to adapt to software and hardware upgrades, platform changes and improving technologies. Software maintenance is not limited to adaptive modifications only. It is a diverse field, including several activities, such as correcting flaws, enhancing functionalities, implementing new features or removing obsolete ones.

Maintenance is an essential part of the software life-cycle, and usually much longer than development itself. There are several reasons for maintenance work from optimizing performance to increasing user experience, but the general purpose remains the same: to preserve and possibly increase value.

The ISO/IEC 14764 standard distinguishes four different categories.

  1. Corrective maintenance for adjusting imperfections, discovered after delivery.
  2. Adaptive maintenance to ensure usability in a changing environment.
  3. Perfective maintenance for improving performance and maintainability.
  4. Preventive maintenance to discover and correct underlying problems before they become effective weaknesses.

The first two categories are the most common and widely required types of maintenance. However BSV can provide any type of software enhancement and all kinds of maintenance work for you.

Shorter Development Life-cycle with DevOps

DevOps combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to improve development life-cycle. It refers to a collection of practices intend to ensure high quality and reduce the time needed for a committed change to appear in the production environment too.

The main benefits of DevOps

It aims to increase deployment frequency, reduce Time To Market (TTM), decrease failure rate of new releases, shorten lead time between fixes, find and eliminate bugs in an early stage and improve overall quality.

DevOps urges the integration of automated procedures, – such as testing, build and deployment – to reduce the time and to help to increase efficiency, security, and maintainability of operational processes.

It require the close collaboration of developers, testers, and staff responsible for the operation, which often leads to changes in work culture and promotes continuous and cohesive team work on a broader level. Either using our software, trinity or other solutions, we will consult you utilize DevOps the most beneficial way in your projects.

We can improve productivity further

Global Development Model

BSV is a professional IT Outsourcing company. We have experience in different types of collaboration, including fully on-site development, entirely offshore cooperation and any combination of these two. We flexibly adapt to the needs of your organization to minimize costs, gain access to potential resources, and reduce response time to your requests.

Real Time Support

We understand that today’s competitive market leaves no room for latency and downtime, delivering a steady and reliable service is critical. Therefore at BSV, we provide 24/7 support through the whole year, including holidays and weekends, to ensure services and systems can run continuously without disruption.