Testing and Quality Assurance

In today’s competitive business world, companies rush to adapt to the ever-evolving, customer oriented, and technologically complex challenges. Assuring software quality and reducing Time To Market (TTM) became critical needs. Accordingly, testing began to play a more and more important role in the growth of businesses. Blueship Vietnam provides Testing and QA services to meet all your quality and testing needs.

Testing is an organic part of software development.

In our software development model, QA and QC enter at an early stage in the project’s life cycle. Simultaneously with gathering requirements and understanding customer’s business concept, we define suitable test plans and test strategies. By integrating QA/QC into development, we can capture and eliminate flaws and weaknesses in the initial phase already, which helps reduce problems, makes debugging faster, and more efficient and ultimately saves both times, and cost.

Independent Testing Services

Blueship Vietnam provides stand-alone testing service with comprehensive QA and QC.

Our independent testing service will not only enhance software quality, improve Time To Market, and reduce the quality costs, but it also provides an External Independent Evaluation to give you a different and more objective perspective on product quality.

Why Blueship?

Most of our testers in Blueship Vietnam are qualified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board and obtained an ISTQB certificate. At BSV we focus on “Business Driven Test Process Improvement” to provide the best testing services for our clients. For each business case, we arrange the best test strategy and process to reach the highest quality for the lowest cost. We have more than 10 years of experience in software testing including almost every significant testing types and levels, such as Functional testing, Performance testing, Security Testing, Usability testing, API testing, etc.

Web Application Testing

We use a wide variety of testing techniques to find potential vulnerabilities, ensure compatibility across different browsers and platforms, and verify that your application meets all the required needs to be successful, including usability, accessibility, performance, and security.

Desktop Application Testing

Every kind of application has its own characteristic. We have great experience with the most common problems occurring in desktop applications. And we know how to create a comprehensive checklist to qualify your app on every major platform.

Mobile Application Testing

In the highly competitive global market, mobile application development life-cycle is usually a short period of time. Therefore we offer automated solutions to accelerate the roll-out of quality applications with multi-platform compatibility.

End to End Testing

We provide end to end testing service to qualify that the application works as expected from start to end. we make sure to simulate every possible use case scenarios and validate the system and its components for integration and data integrity.

How we do it?

Maximize effectiveness by professional QC and testing tools

Our testing team has many years of experience in testing all kinds of software products. During the process a manual Tester will discover the critical issues by Exploratory testing, relying on the Pareto Principle. The remaining potential flaws will be attended by our divers testing techniques.

We utilize various testing processes and tools to gather customer requirements, manage test cases and create different kinds of test reports.

Maximize Test Coverage with Automation

With the right approach, a correctly used test automation can reduce quality costs significantly.

Blueship Vietnam is not only strong in automation, but we have many experiences in consulting you to choose the most suitable automation for testing your product.

We have in-house automation frameworks for web, mobile and desktop applications, to speed up testing and development process and to reduce costs consequently.